Monthly photo calendars 21×31

Select the theme and add your photos

This large-format calendar can be combined with 23 different themes, which can be customized with all the photos you want, text, backgrounds, masks and clip art. In addition, you won’t have to wait until December to make it, as you can select the starting month and give it as a gift to others or yourself at any time of the year. It is printed on beautiful 250gsm paper and is also available with a UV-HD finish to make it glossy. You can use our free software Album Studio, for a total customization.

Select your model and have a go at designing the layout: it’s free and does not require you to make a purchase.


vertical photo wall calendar
  • Calendar 21×31 cm made on 250gsm paper.
  • Printed front and back on 7 sheets, consisting of cover and 12 months.
  • Dynamic dating: you choose the starting month when you design the layout.

Supported languages: English, Spanish, Danish, German, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Chinese.

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Shipping charges

  • €13.50 (including for multiple orders) by express courier within EU
Quantity Total Price Promo 4×3
1 copy €13.50
2 copies €27.00
3 copies €40.50
4 copies €40.50 1 Free

Quantity discounts of up to 60%

Quantity Unit price Discount
from 5 to 7 €10.12 Discount 25%
from 8 to 11 €9.50 Discount 29%
from 12 to 23 €7.90 Discount 41%
from 24 to 50 €6.90 Discount 48%
from 51 to 90 €5.90 Discount 56%
91 and more €5.31 Discount 60%

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