Monitor test to check calibration

The monitor test is a reference image printed by our laboratories. Once you receive the print, all you need to do is download the reference image and compare it with the one on the screen. If needed, adjust the calibration parameters of the monitor until brightness and colors are as close as possible to those on the printed image. This small but important test makes it possible to ensure that the brightness of the monitor is set to acceptable values. It must be noted that the brightness values of 98% of monitors are far too high and cannot be reproduced by any paper medium.
The test is available at the price of € 1,00 + shipping costs and printed on 200g uncoated paper.

Professional calibration

The monitor test is a subjective test that detects strong differences in brightness and some color errors.
For more accurate tests we recommend the purchase of colorimeters or spectrophotometers (the best known can be found at and, which can automatically calibrate and profile your monitor, achieving excellent results both with control of the white point and brightness, and with the contrast and color gamut ratio.